Ba Thien Hau Temple

Ba Thien Hau Temple

Ba Thien Hau Temple – Ho Chi Minh Attractions

Ba Thien Hau Temple in Saigon is a Buddhist temple committed to the Chinese sea goddess, Mazu. It’s thought that she protects and saves ships and also individuals on the sea by flying around on a floor covering or cloud. Mazuism is connected with practices as well as ideas from both Taoism and also Buddhism. Mazuism is, as a result, incorporation of various aspects. And also practices that have actually combined to create a new belief. You will find this temple in ‘Cholon’ (Chinatown) in Area 5. That is roughly a twenty min drive from the city center.

Ba Thien Hau temple was built in 1760 to honor Mazu the ‘Lady of the Sea’, as well as when you get in via the iron gate. You will certainly see huge stone incense heaters in front of the entrance of Mazu’s altar. The exterior is magnificently made with the conventional curved roofing on. That tiny porcelain numbers are standing sign for styles from Chinese religion as well as legends.

The inside has colorful dioramas enhancing the roofing system by representing scenes from the nineteenth century in a Chinese city. Besides this, one of the most noticeable visible interior design products is the three statues of the ‘Woman of the Sea’ that dominate the main church. When seeing ensure you take your time to take a look at all the small edges this holy place has, as there are several sculptures, statuaries and also artworks to uncover.

Bachelor’s Degree Thien Hau Temple
Opening up Hrs: 08:00– 16:30
Place: 710 Nguyen Trai Street, Ward 11, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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