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  • When you go camping, the familiar lighting source at campsites is always a portable lantern which operated by gas. It come a glass cage with a door around (also known as a hurricane lantern).
  • Although it’s bulky, very hot and noisy when you touch but, these lanterns provide bright and warm light that seem to forever.
  • Nowadays, you can still get a classic lantern, but the innovation of portable LED lights will gives you more options, Leds are very light, bright, energy saving and compact.
  • So that, we give a comprehensive review of choosing a picnic lantern, it from electric to gas-fired and traditional candle-based models that to give you knowledge about lanterns

Types of portable lantern

1.Portable picnic light

  • Currenly, almost all battery-powered portable lantern use LED technology (light-emitting diodes).
  • The LED lights have more advantages:
  • Long battery life
  • High light intensity
  • Can be used in harsh conditions
  • No noise generated
  • Child safety (LEDs do not generate heat)

2.Portable gas lantern

  • Almost all portable gas lanterns can use several fuel sources:
  • Liquid fuel: such as white gasoline or liquefied natural gas fuel tank that is rechargeable and does not consume much fuel.
  • Propane: refillable fuel tank . Fuel doesn’t consume sources.
  • Butane: disposable containers and compact It easy to use.


  • It has one outstanding advantage, this is the light intensity. When you need to illuminate an entire campsites, it’s hard to deny the lumen level generated by a portable gas lantern.


  • Need clear space and you cann’t use in small and closed spaces.
  • It generate heat . So that, you need to care when using them in a place where children are or near flammable materials.
  • Relatively noisy.
  • Relatively heavy and bulky.

3.Portable lantern use candles

  • This lantern uses one or more candles to provide natural and soft light. Depend on selection, it has reflective glass which can be used to maximize light.


  • With soft light and no noise, it creates pleasant atmosphere.
  • It suitable for activities near the lights.


  • Remind, you must keep a portable candle lantern at a safe distance from combustible materials (eg tent fabric, paper…) Because it may cause fire.
  • They generate heat and can be hot to the touch.

how to choose a picnic lantern

Comparing efficiency of portable lanterns

  • You can find “specifications” table on the product page for each type of lantern. Below is the parameters you should consider.

1.Maximum brightness

  • It related to lumens for each type of lantern. The higher the lumen, the bigger the brightness.
  • Remember that a higher wattage often results in lower energy efficiency, that meaning a shorter burning time or a shorter battery life.

2.Lighting time

  • You can understand it’s burn time or average run time. This lightning time tells that you how long a lantern can light with a fuel tank. These specifications are provided by the manufacturer and it will give you a relatively accurate estimate.
  • Most of lanterns have two modes as strong and weak light (High / Low) to increase flexibility when using the one.

3.Curtain cover

  • A portable gas lantern that relies on curtain cover to provide light when they are in operation. Once the fuel is burned, the curtain cover become fragile lead to require careful handling of the lights. It is recommended to bring some curtain cover on every trip.

4.Size and Weight

  • If you go camping by car, the size and weight of lanterns don’t bother. But you camping by backpacking, it’s a problem you need consider. A portable candle lantern can be light a campsite or inside a tent. However, when you carry a burning candle inside the tent which even in a lantern, it’s unsafe. You should be care and choosing available lanterns.

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