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Saigon Restaurant

Saigon City is blessed with great restaurants that combine French, Chinese, and of course, local Vietnamese cuisine. It is the confluence of culinary cultures that make Vietnamese cuisine famous around the world and bring visitors flocking to try out many great Saigon restaurants.

While food and street food stalls are also an integral part of Vietnamese culinary experience. Sometimes you need a restaurant with a great combination of professionally prepared dishes and a pleasant atmosphere, stunning views and diligent service. Our list of the 10 best restaurants in Saigon City comes in all different levels so you can rest assured of your memorable dining experience.

1. Quan An Ngon

Level up as a manor from a medieval fairy tale, Quan An Ngon is one of the most famous restaurants in Saigon, housed in a renovated Vietnamese mansion with a tree-lined garden, and staff waiting for guest dressed in traditional silk. Inside the restaurant, the teak space, Chinese-inspired decor, and surrounding balconies all have the characteristics of a classic kung-fu movie.

The menu is clearly presented to tourists as everything has an English and Vietnamese description and most come with photos. Extremely reasonable price with main dishes starting from VND 50,000 (the US $ 2.50)

All local specialties are served at Quan An Ngon Restaurant, which means you can eat your way across the country in one sitting.

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00

Address: 138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 1

Tel: +84 8 3827 9666

2. The Deck Saigon

A luxurious restaurant and bar in Saigon, The Deck Saigon is the top dining option among locals and wealthy tourists due to its romantic setting, stunning locations, and food great Asian. Located next to the Saigon River, the outdoor dining venue is equipped with glass doors, warm lighting and elegant furnishings by local designers, as well as an outdoor wooden floor surrounded by bamboo trees and a small pond.

The Deck Saigon is open all day, so you can enjoy a Western breakfast menu featuring fruit smoothies, benedict eggs, homemade granola, and pancakes while light meals and lunches from dishes sautéed foie gras and Wagyu beef burgers to bento and Phu Quoc shrimp rolls.

Deck Saigon is located in District 2, a 20-minute taxi ride from District 1. In addition, the riverside restaurant can arrange a private high-speed shuttle (including a welcome drink) that price is at 2,750 .000 VNĐ for two people.

Opening Hours: Daily 09:00 – 24:00

Address: 38 Nguyen U Di, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: +84 83 744 6632

3. The Refinery Bar and Restaurant

The Refinery Bar and Restaurant are currently one of the most popular establishments in Saigon thanks to its colonial furnishings, interesting cocktails and bistro-style menus that are predominantly French-style. But the main reason to come here is that it is a pleasant space.

It looked as if you could get a glimpse of the Seine from its sparkling courtyard, and the inside of the French pub theme was even more pronounced with floral floor tiles, high ceilings and a line of wine and wine. on display behind the bar. The similarity to the French design is not a fake gimmick but the result of the opium factory that once operated in the yard, and it is also the way the bar inherited its name.

The simple menu of steaks, pasta dishes, and European salads perfectly complements the relaxed atmosphere here. Although confused by the name, it is easy to find on Hai Ba Trung Street, opposite Park Hyatt Hotel, and near Notre Dame Cathedral.

Opening Hours: 11:00 till late

Address: 74 Hai Ba Trung, District 1

Tel: +84 8 3823 0509

4. Tram’s Cookery Restaurant & Bar

Tram’s Cookery Restaurant & Bar is an upscale place, located by the Saigon River, where you can enjoy traditional Vietnamese and Western dishes in a relaxing atmosphere or just have some drinks tranquillity. It is part of the beautiful An Lam Riverside resort and is a favorite place for the Saigon community and ex-pats living in Vietnam. Or by speedboat or taxi, it will take about 20 or 35 minutes to get there from the city center.

In the menu of Tram’s Cookery Restaurant & Bar, you will find all the best that Vietnam has to offer from fresh spring rolls, grapefruit salad with pork or shrimp, pho, and fried rice. Typical Western dishes, such as beef, fish, pizza, and pasta, are also part of the menu. Recommended dishes include sautéed beef at the time of lac with five spices (380,000 VND), grilled foie gras (300,000 VND) and grilled beef tenderloin (650,000 VND). A three-course meal without wine will cost you around VND 800,000 ($ 40).

Opening Hours: Orders until 21:30 and the bar stays open as long as the guests stay

Address: 21/4 Khu Pho Trung, Vinh Phu Ward, Thuan An District, Binh Duong, Saigon River, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: +84 650 378 5555

5. La Cuisine

La Cuisine is a classic French dish, serving a variety of traditional dishes such as steak, foie gras with Provence figs, and stir-fried duck with Béarnaise sauce. The owner and chef are French and worked around the world before settling in Saigon to open La Cuisine.

Opening Hours: 11:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 22:00 (Close on Sunday)

Address: 48 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1.

Tel: +84 8 222 98 882

6. The Temple Club

Temple Club is a luxurious bar and restaurant on the itinerary of stars and tourists. Housed in a converted Chinese temple in a small alley off Pasteur Street, you can easily find the most by using Saigon Center Shopping Mall as a landmark and the efforts will be rewarded with a richly decorated dining room serving fusion dishes of Vietnam and a cocktail lounge with skilled bartenders and tapas-style accompaniment.

Opening Hours: Daily 12:00 – 24:00

Address: 29-31 Ton That Thiep St, District 1. Tel:

Tel: +84 8 3829 9244

7. Lemongrass

Lemongrass Restaurant Saigon has been serving both locals and tourists since 1996, making it one of the oldest dining places in Saigon. Nestled within District 1 of Nguyen Thiep Street (between the famous Dong Khoi shopping street and the walking street of Nguyen Hue Street), this restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese dishes at surprisingly affordable prices.

Occupying a three-story French colonial building, the interior is set up like a French pub-style restaurant. Lemongrass Restaurant serves typical dishes of Saigon including grilled shrimp with garlic butter and almonds (189,000 VND), grilled pork ribs with lemongrass (159,000 VND) and steamed clams (119,000 VND). For desserts, its homemade ice cream (VND 79,000) and mixed tropical fruit platter (VND 89,000) is highly recommended. Due to the widespread popularity of locals and ex-pats in Saigon City, Lemongrass Restaurant Saigon has another branch at Palace Hotel Saigon. Located on the 14th floor, diners can admire the breathtaking views of Nguyen Hue Boulevard and the Saigon River.

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 – 22:30

Address: 4 Nguyen Thiep St., District 1. Tel:

Tel: +84 8 3822 4005

8. Nha Hang Ngon

One of the most interesting things when visiting a foreign country for the first time is to eat local specialties. If this feeling attracts you on your trip to Saigon, Nha Hang Ngon restaurant is an interesting and skillful combination of a comprehensive menu of Vietnamese classic dishes. English speaking waiters and beautiful surroundings.

Restaurant Nha Hang Ngon stands out because it is located in a charming French villa that has been restored to its former glorious period and painted canary yellow. Outside the courtyard, you are surrounded by glittering fairy lights and run through the center of the villa, an attractive lily lake. Whether you choose to sit inside or outside, the environment is pleasant, with soothing chatter and many chefs sitting around the periphery of the restaurant preparing dishes spread throughout Vietnamese cuisine. Although the restaurant does not have air conditioning, there are enough fans to create a breeze.

The menu is full of all Vietnamese main dishes, popular dishes including fresh spring rolls, minced shrimp on bamboo and a variety of pho. For seafood aficionados, grilled crabs are unlocked for convenience and come with a delicious dipping sauce made from delicate fish sauce, garlic, lemon, and chili. A meal at Nha Hang Ngon is accompanied by a plate of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and leaves with different textures and flavors, as standard with Vietnamese cuisine.

Opening Hours: Daily 12:00 – 24:00

Address: 160 Pasteur St, District 1

Tel: +84 8 3827 7131

9. 4Ps Pizza Saigon

This Japanese-owned and operated pizza and pasta restaurant serve some of the best pizzas in the east of Naples. 4Ps Pizza Saigon is an organization with the former Ho Chi Minh community serving grilled pizzas with toppings that run from petals to chicken teriyaki. Although it is difficult to find a location in an alley behind The Sushi Bar on Le Thanh Ton Street, it is packed on weekends and it is highly recommended to book in advance.

Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 23:00

Address: 8/15 Le Thanh Ton, Dist.1 Tel:

Tel: +84 120 789 4444

10. Camargue

A long-standing favorite among expatriates in Ho Chi Minh City, Camargue is a refined French restaurant in the yard of an old colonial opium factory in the heart of Saigon. The two-story facility is located along Hai Ba Trung Street.

Camargue Saigon villa style is equipped with high ceilings with exposed beams, soft lighting, tiled floors, earthy furnishings, lighted candles, and an air-conditioned private dining room. The service is also very professional with thoughtful but unobtrusive staff – perfect for an intimate evening with your loved ones.

An extensive menu of dishes, supported by French chef Mickael Le Calvez, presents French delicacies with a bit of Vietnamese influence, with outstanding dishes like seabass and squid served with tubers. Choy sum, grilled lamb with Polenta made from Phu Quoc pepper, chateaubriand with foie gras, and crispy leg marinated in a bit of spice and caramel artichoke.

Great for enjoying the rest of the evening at the upstairs rooftop, a great wine list is also available at Camargue Saigon, offering imported red and white options for around VND 900,000 per glass.

Opening Hours: Daily 12:00 – 24:00

Address: 74/7D Hai Ba Trung, District 1.

Tel: +84 8 3520 4888

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