Select And Buy Stationary Rollers Correctly

Select And Buy Stationary Rollers Correctly
  • Especially with the stationary roll quality is available at a low price. Nevertheless, it is important to compare the prices of the fishermen exactly.
  • When buying new fishing reels, most anglers do not have to think for long. In almost all cases, it is clear that a new stationary role is to be acquired. Other roles like multiplier reels and fly reels are only relatively rarely bought. Especially in Germany almost exclusively with stationary roles fished and only very few anglers make exceptions.
  • In fact, this is easy to understand. Because today the fishing market has a lot to offer, especially in this area. The modern stationary rollers are considered to be powerful. Already in the middle price segment a high degree of quality is offered, so that one can not do much wrong with a purchase.
  • Only with the particularly favorable or the really cheap roles one should take good care. At a price of less than 20 euros you should not expect too much. In general, it is advisable to better avoid fishing tackle (rollers and rods) in this price segment. You better pay a few euros more, so you get a corresponding quality.

Where are the weak points of cheap fishing reels

  • Basically, there are a lot of vulnerabilities that you should know. These include, for example, the Schnurfangbügel: In cheap roles, the stirrups are not properly attached and also flexible. We do not even want to talk about a proper balancing. Even with the line roller cheap materials are sometimes used, so that the fishing line (especially braided line) can quickly eat. Once cracks and sharp edges are created, the stationary roll is no longer useful. The cord would be badly damaged.
  • A very important point is the braking system. The brake of a fishing reel must start smoothly and be precise at the same time. Sometimes these properties are even initially fulfilled. But usually it does not take long until the brakes are worn out and you can not do much with such a fishing reel.
  • Consequently, it is all the more important to rely on brand quality when you want to buy new fishing reels. Whether freewheel, carp reel or spinning reel, it does not matter: The quality has to convince.

The stationary role is often about the price

  • It is very impressive how little money you can put together for a complete set of fishing tackle today. Fishing rods and above all roles are available at very low prices. Many anglers and especially newcomers therefore take the chance and cover up favorably with fishing tackle. But most of the disillusionment comes after a short time: The fishing tackle do not promise what you have desired.
  • This is a problem that is especially true of the fishing reels. Straight stationary rollers are already very cheap available today. In fishing tackle trading, a number of roles are available at absolute low prices. However, it is often overlooked that prices also reflect quality. Really cheap wheels do not have much to offer from a technical point of view, which you usually feel quickly in the water.
  • Generally one should be aware of the existing price differences of the dealers. It’s worth making comparisons and testing the roles before you buy, so you do not get disappointed later.
  • Finally, an important note. So many stationary reel is sold by the manufacturer together with a spare spool. However, there are dealers who remove the e-coil or buy them separately. Especially with online shops you should be careful. The spare spools are not always included, which dilutes the roll prices.

Freewheel rollers as an alternative for carp anglers

  • Freewheel rollers are stationary rollers with built-in freewheel function. The advantage is that, for example, a carp can take the cord off the reel with the freewheel on and the bow closed without resistance. The freewheel is either switched on and off via a small switch at the rear of the reel or is already fully integrated into the reel (Instant Drag System).
  • Until a few years ago, the selection of fishing reels that have an integrated freewheel was not particularly large. To be precise, the selection was very modest. Many manufacturers of fishing tackle had only one or two models in their assortment.
  • Only when carp fishing became more and more popular, and thus became more and more anglers, to have a free-wheel role, this has changed. Meanwhile, one can look at a particularly wide range of appropriately equipped stationary rollers.

How to recognize good fishing reels with freewheel

  • Many roller models are now equipped as standard or in all roller sizes with the freewheel function. Because you can quickly lose track, it is more common for anglers to opt for the purchase of freewheel castors that are not convincing in the end.
  • A targeted selection of the fishing reel must therefore not be missing. Who wants to buy a freewheel role, must be careful. In order to find it as quickly as possible, it is advisable to go to a fishing shop and look at the available free-wheeling roles closer or to test them explicitly. Good fishing tackle dealers give their customers this opportunity. In addition, you can usually see just by turning the coil how fine the freewheeling function of the fishing reel can be adjusted. Here it is clearly advantageous if different adjustment options are given. The best course is a silky smooth run, which is absolutely jerk-free and does not resist. Nevertheless, it must be adjustable: If wind or current prevail, they must not simply pull the fishing line from the coil.
  • It is also important to be able to switch off the freewheel at any time with just one hand movement.
  • For example, if a carp peel off properly, it is important to block the freewheel immediately. The resulting jolt, then usually enough already enough to hook the fish. In most cases, a classic attempt does not have to be made.

Why the Baitcast rolle is worth fishing

  • In front of the Baitcast rolle many anglers are scared. But the experienced spin fisherman knows that this fishing reel has a lot to offer.
  • This development also affects the area of ​​so-called baitcastracks. However, it should be noted that there are still relatively few anglers who are fishing for these roles. True to the motto: “What the farmer does not know, he does not eat,” many anglers stay at a safe distance, which is basically a great pity. Many experienced spin anglers know that these fishing reels have a right to exist.

Anglers should test these roles calmly

  • It is really worthwhile to mount a Baitcast Reel once and fish with it. However, it should be pointed out at this point to the fact that in such a case, the appropriate spinning rod, namely a so-called Baitcast Reel is needed. The really good fishing rods, which come from well-known manufacturers, are therefore available in two versions, namely as spinning rods and Baitcastruten.
  • For the use of these fishing reels speaks above all the high comfort when fishing. Even the ejection of artificial lures prepares a lot of joy. The Baitastrolle can be operated better with one hand, which is why the throwing just gives more pleasure. Moreover, it is considered to be particularly comfortable. Especially when it comes to subcontracting (when fishing from a fishing boat, one is often no alternative to the Unterhandwurf), one will appreciate the comfort of a corresponding fishing reel.

What to pay attention to when buying Baitcast rollen

  • Especially with the Baitcastrail you should know that quality plays an immensely important role. Therefore, it is especially important to take care of the cheap models offered in the fishing shop.
  • Even if they come from well-known manufacturers, they do not necessarily have to convince. Even so many experienced spin fishing has been disappointed. For newcomers, this represents a risk: You may reject these spinning reels early, although you might actually like it.
  • Any fisherman who wants to buy baitcast fishing for the first time should therefore choose quality from the start and better buy a medium or higher price fishing reel. Only these fishing reels show what comfort is actually offered. Especially since the roles in the purchase can be quite favorable.

Multi rolls for sea fishing

  • The multi-role is structurally similar to Baitcastrolle settle. And it embodies a fishing role that still has a raison d’être, even if not many anglers consider it for use. First and foremost, multi rolls for sea fishing are used by the boat. Especially when fishing from the fishing cutter, it can be extremely convenient to have such a massive and strong role. It is considered extremely robust, is also saltwater resistant in good execution and is also considered resilient. Especially when drilling sea fish you have it compared to the use of stationary roles usually much easier. The simple letting the bait into the depth is also extremely convenient.
  • When it comes to the ejection, it is already difficult. Once the roll is open, it leaves the string from the spool. To avoid wigs, you have to coordinate ejection and opening with the right timing.
  • A multi roller should basically only be bought in high quality
  • It is immensely important to acquire quality. Unlike stationary wheels, the differences in quality are usually much greater. Therefore, it is advisable to play it safe and rather buy a better model. Some newcomers may prefer to buy a cheap and possibly not so good role. However, he will probably not enjoy it then. It is therefore better to buy quality from well-known fishing manufacturers. If you are uncertain when choosing, you should get advice in a good fishing shop.
  • You can find out more best spinning reels for saltwater at nail travels

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