Tet Festival

Tet Festival – Vietnam Festivals & Events

Tet Festival – Vietnam Festivals & Events

The Tet Festival was initially commemorated by Vietnamese farmers to thank the gods for the arrival of springtime. A practice that dates back thousands of years. Today, it’s a time for paying respects to forefathers and welcoming the New Year with family members (‘ Tet’ is an acronym of Tết Nguyên Đán. That translates as ‘The Feast of the First Morning of the First Day’).

Held between late January and very early February. It is formally a three-day celebration. But celebrations may proceed for a week (sometimes much more) with every effort made to indulge in consuming, drinking, as well as socializing.

In the weeks leading up to Tet Festival. All houses extensively cleaned (sometimes painted) to remove any rotten luck of the old year. While genealogical altars exist with five kinds of local fruits as well as votive papers. Residents also embellish their houses with vibrant flowers. Such as chrysanthemums, marigold, Mao Ga flowers, paperwhite blossoms, and also lavenders, together with peach bloom and also kumquat trees.

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What Occurs Throughout Tet Festival in Vietnam?

The first day of Tet is a busy affair with petitions, get-together suppers. As well as present exchanges held in between members of the family. Youngsters generally receive cash kept in red envelopes by their moms and dads and older relatives. Similar to most Oriental countries, Vietnamese typically use red and yellow throughout the celebration. As they think those colors symbolize success as well as good fortune.

Throughout the day, the streets loaded with people doing mua lan or lion dance performances with drums, bells, gongs. As well as firecrackers going off to fend off fiends. Buddhist temples all around Vietnam are likewise packed with residents providing contributions as well as getting their ton of money told throughout Tet.

Tet Celebration is also a fun time for residents to take pleasure in a variety of traditional Vietnamese meals such as Banh Chung (fit to be tied square cake), Gio cha (Vietnamese ham/sausage), Xoi (sticky rice), as well as Thit ga (fit to be tied poultry). Seeing guests are additionally offered with tea and also Mut (different dried out fruits as well as seeds). That kept in luxuriant boxes and also put at the table in the living room.

As the most important celebration in Vietnam, the majority of workplaces, stores, restaurants, and also destinations closed for the initial three days of Tet. Flights additionally typically totally reserved concerning a week before the event. So it highly advised that you prepare in advance as well as publication your trip to Vietnam as early as feasible.

Tet Celebration 2018
Emphasizes: 16th February – 21st February 2018
Location: Vietnam

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