How To Check Out The Mayan Damages Of Tulum In Mexico

You can not visit Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula without seeing the Mayan Damages of Tulum. Right here are some useful suggestions to defeat the crowds at this famous archaeological site.

Ah, Tulum. This ancient walled city perched on the edge of a high cliff in Quintana Roo neglecting the Caribbean sea in Mexico is rather a sight face to face.

Since I based myself in Mexico for 2 years, I have visited these damages 5 times.

Tulum’s original Maya name, Zamá translates as “area of the dawning sunlight.” This is because it has an excellent sight of the rising sunlight!

The city was a major trading and also religious center in between the 11th and 16th centuries as well as is one of the coolest Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico– comparable to other popular damages like Chichen Itza and also Coba.

It’s located regarding 128 km south of Cancun, or 62 kilometres south of Playa del Carmen along the popular Mayan Riviera.

History Of The Tulum Ruins

Tulum was built to be a port citadel, with high ocean cliffs supplying protection from the East, as well as a huge limestone wall confining the rest of the city on three sides.

The populace of Tulum was when 1,600 people, as well as served as an essential trading center for the Mayan globe.

Goods like turquoise, jade, cotton, food, copper bells, axes, and cacao beans were traded right here.

Excellent Mayan Historical Site

The old stone structures that compose this archaeological site are surrounded by leaning hand trees, delicate cactus flowers, steep rough high cliffs, as well as a populace of huge sun-tanning iguanas.

So while the damages of Tulum can be flooded with travelers during the center of the day, it’s occasionally feasible to find a quiet corner as well as enjoy Mexico’s natural appeal & fascinating background.

At one time you can climb up the pyramids, however that’s no more the case.

Tulum is rather various from various other Mayan websites in that the damages are situated on 12-meter (39 ft) cliffs neglecting the sea. It’s really picturesque.

Vital Structures In Tulum

El Castillo (the Castle) is Tulum’s major pyramid, and was utilized as an ancient lighthouse. Two little windows on top permitted sailors to browse the bay at dusk.

If merchant boat captains could see daylight with both windows as they cruised in, they wouldn’t collapse right into the reef hiding simply below the water.

The Temple of the Frescoes, situated before El Castillo, is the very best preserved structure at the site. Peer inside to see a real mural with tinted paint still intact!

Your house of the Columns is a large, intricate structure with 4 spaces as well as a series of huge columns for standing up the roofing.

Each Mayan city was ruled by a halach uinic who functioned as high-priest. Your house of the Halach Uinic in Tulum is likewise well preserved.

Swimming At Tulum’s Secret Coastline

Below the main framework is a secluded coastline that you can actually swim at while you’re going to the site. Make sure to bring your swimsuit!

Swimming under the old wrecked citadel, set down on the high cliff above you, is a quite trendy experience. The coastline can obtain crowded quickly though– once again I recommend being there as early as feasible (or later prior to it shuts).

The coastline opens around 10am, as long as the browse isn’t as well solid. When walking down the wood stairs, watch out for the many iguanas who call these high cliffs house.

When To Visit The Ruins Of Tulum

Going to Mayan ruins in Mexico throughout the day can be a bit stressful. Especially at Tulum. It’s a popular attraction in the Yucatan.

Throughout the day, there are hundreds of various other vacationers milling about.

If you arrive early enough, around 8am, you’ll get a lot more “enchanting” experience. At least for the first hour or two of exploring. One more great time to check out is the hour prior to they close (generally 5pm).

Reserve at least one hr to visit the damages, perhaps 2 hrs if you intend to swim. It’s not that big compared to some other Maya archaeological sites.


I hope you appreciated my guide on just how to visit the Mayan Damages of Tulum in Mexico! With any luck you discovered it useful.

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