What need to bring when camping in the forest

Camping In The Forest
  • Beside that, we check-in at luxurious hotels, beautiful nature places or sleeping with a homestay with friends, camping in the forest is also an experience that you should try once in your life.
  • However, if you are new camper for the first time, you will be confused and you have many questions , such as what to bring camping? What is the preparation for overnight camping? Which experience going camping ?. Therefore, we give a comprehensive review to provide you knowledge when you camping in the forest.

Preparing the necessary items for the camping

  • The first item to prepare for camping is indispensable tent. However, you need safe and convenience for camping, you should choose tents made of good material, waterproof, sure to be able to “withstand” with all weather and animals in mountain forests or wilderness.
  • The second item that you cannot lack is a waterproof sleeping bag and has good heat retention.
  • Because at night and outside the body temperature will be lowered. In addition, you should also pay attention to material of sleeping bag that is hypoallergenic and lightweight, let you can moving and taking it easy.
  • Moreover, many items such as ropes, sheets, wingking parachutes, pots and pans, mini cookers, forest knives, lighters, compasses, etc…., they also definitely indispensable items in your forest camping.
  • Camping usually uses light from the nature, no electric lights so you need to determine the location of camping quickly and camping when there are still enough bright images. Do not set up the tent too late, if lack of light you face many difficulties.Therefore, you need an oil lamp to shine light at night to avoid repelling animals and insects and be more convenient for night activities.

What should we eat when camping?

  • Depends on how long your camping is to bring the right amount of food. According to many camper, the dry foods and canned foods such as sausages, dried salons, dried shrimp, dried beef, noodles, packaged dried vegetables, sweets, cookies, etc… that will always prioritize because they can store for long time.

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