The Introdution Of Lantern
  • First in the era of human evolution in lighting science. In the history of development, humans go from hunting and gathering has grown to store food and know how to use items made from stones, bones, branches. So, science also starts with those things. out. One of those developments is the accumulation of fire to create light and warm heat.
  • From nailtravels , different types of storage and lighting are created. Initially, torches, oid lanterns (vegetable oil and oil), incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and finally led which widely used today.

Some kind of lamps


  • It use dry firewood, or combustible materials that bundled up. And then, it crate a large flame which used for lighting at night and in tunnels.

2.Oil Lanterns

  • An ancient oil lantern or traditional oil lantern is an artificial item used to create continuous light for a certain period of time using by using a fuel source of oil or flammable substance. It creates light through through a conductor. The use of oil lantern began thousands of years ago and still continues to nowadays.
  • With ancient oil lamps are quite simple structure. It includes three main parts. The first is a container and a tool to store the material, usually circle and shallow (for eachdifferent country and nation use container differently and some countries it is often exquisitely decorated). The second is hear of lamps, it is a rope or fabric that leads the lighting material. And finally, this is raw materials, it’s usually organic liquids, oils such as fish oil, vegetable oil, oil olives, or animal fats, etc…

3.Incandescent lamps

  • An incandescent light uses an electric to make short-circuit by a wire emay to burn and emit yellow light. The disadvantage of this lamps that generates a lot of heat, low light efficiency. So that,it is also used in drying or heating the heat furnaces.

4.Fluorescent lamps

  • It use electrical discharges between electrodes that produces an arc which produces light. It come with light-sensitive gases to increase light output and luminous efficiency.

5.Led Lamps

  • Each historical period is marked by inventions and initiatives. And the era of lighting technologies like today, we must mention the invention of crystal led.
  • In 2014, scientists honored at the Nobel Prize in Physics including Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura made the inventions of the first blue Led crystal.
  • Advantages of LEDs, Led crystals are very low energy consumption and large emitting radiation. Therefore, companies and corporations all over the world have researched and produced types of leds and applied them in life. Such as in LED lighting technology, screen application, wireless indicator technology.
  • Besides that, the invention of led crystal has changed the history of lighting industry from civil lighting to urban and military. Leds widely used from garden lights, factory lights, televisions, large-sized advertising screens. However, it is also applied in automotive lighting technology, traffic instruction and many other field of life.

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